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Each piece of our sand cast pewter is handcrafted and polished by skilled artisans. Slight variations are a natural part of the sand casting process. These variations add to the rich character and uniqueness of each piece.

Free Shipping

Free Shipping

Add the perfect piece or pieces of Mexican pewterware to your collection with free shipping for orders over $99! We provide Free UPS Ground Shipping within the contiguous U.S. for all orders over $99.

Never Tarnishes

Never Tarnishes

Our Mexican pewter ware is made from a lead-free aluminum alloy. Our Mexican pewter serving pieces never tarnish or need polishing. With simple care they will retain their luster for years to come.

The Process of Creating Mexican Pewter

All of our pewterware pieces are made entirely by hand, by several skilled artisans, one piece at a time, using the ancient art of sand casting.

First an artist sculpts a new piece in clay and then casts it in plaster. From that piece, artisans hand make an exact copy from which a single metal mold is made.

This mold will then be placed between two wooden boxes that get filled with a fine sand that holds the precise shape of the mold when it is pounded tight by skilled workers. Once the sand envelops the design, the artisans remove the top box and pull out the mold, leaving the perfect sculpted space in the remaining box.

The artisans then push tubes through the sand to make flow channels for the premium quality alloy of molten aluminum to be poured into this design cavity. Once the molten aluminum reaches the optimal heat, the artisans pour it down the flow channel until the cavity is full. The two boxes will remain tightly joined until the aluminum cools.


At this point, the artisans break open the box. The sand will spill out and be reused, while a team of polishers work on the newly created piece. It will be polished many times by grinding and buffing wheels until it reaches its characteristic high gloss and lustrous finish.

Our Story

PK Fine Imports began as a small company in Southern California attending local and regional craft and gift shows when we first discovered the beautiful and unique Mexican pewterware. Our love of these exquisite and affordable sandcast aluminum pieces deepened following a trip to Mexico where we saw where these pieces originated and the unique process used to create them. These handcrafted artisan pieces resonated with founder and owner Patrik Kocian’s European background and his love of family gatherings and celebrations.

Patrik immediately saw how the craftsmanship of Mexican

pewter serving trays and other Mexican pewterware delighted everyone and brought an unforgettable elegance to any event. Our products make ideal serving pieces for large events and intimate get-togethers, whatever the theme or setting. Mexican pewter is easy to maintain, doesn’t require polishing, and retains its characteristic luster indefinitely.

Our beautiful lead-free Mexican pewter is created from the ancient art of sand casting and transformed into a modern array of innovative and contemporary lustrous designs and pieces.

Quality Assurance

PK Fine Imports is proud to provide you with high quality Mexican pewterware.

PK Fine Imports is proud to provide you with high quality Mexican pewterware. Every piece of our collection is handcrafted and polished by experienced professionals. Since each piece is individually crafted, minor imperfections may occur. Slight variations from piece to piece is a natural part of the process. These variations add to the rich character and uniqueness of each piece.

There are a few key ways to take care of your pieces. Our collection of Mexican pewterware should be hand washed with mild soap and hand dried immediately.

Please do not place these items in the dishwasher, as it will permanently damage the finish. Since Mexican pewter is a soft metal alloy, please do not cut on it directly.

Mexican pewter conveniently retains its temperature as you serve. You can heat our serving pieces in the oven up to 350 degrees or chill them in the refrigerator or freezer to serve cold. However you use it, we are sure our Mexican pewter will soon become a favorite among your tableware.

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