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Here at PK Fine Imports, we carry a wide selection of beautiful trivets suitable for serving dishes of all shapes and sizes. Each item is made from authentic Mexican pewter. Handcrafted by experienced artisans who have devoted their time to learning the traditional sand cast aluminum process, each of our trivets is unique and built to last.

Whether you’re looking for intricate designs or something minimalist, you’ll find it here! Our collection of Mexican pewter trivets includes:

  • Trivets designed to resemble animals
  • Elegant trivets inspired by wine country
  • Exotic trivets with bamboo or swirled designs
  • Antique trivets that match with classic home décor


The Mexican Pewter Sand Casting Process

Our Mexican pewter trivets are made using a traditional process. First, clay and plaster are used to create the basic design for a metal mold, which is then placed in a special box and packed tightly with sand. The mold is removed, and tubes are inserted to allow the molten Mexican pewter to flow into the space within. When it's inside, the artisan stands on the box to ensure that everything remains tightly in place, which is important for the piece to turn out as designed. After sitting in the sand for about one hour, the Mexican pewter cools down, the sand is removed, and the piece is ready to be cleaned and polished.

Large Trivets

For large casseroles, enchiladas, or other baked dishes, you need a bigger trivet to ensure your surface stays protected. Our collection includes plenty of trivets suitable for large serving dishes, such as this Bamboo Large Trivet, inspired by the beauty of the outdoors. It measures 10.5 x 8.5 inches and stands on four small legs. For a timeless addition to your servingware, the Antique Large Trivet is sure to become a centerpiece to your table. The ornate flourish of florid scrolls adds a piece of sheer elegance to your meal.


Small Trivets

When you want to serve a smaller bowl or pot of food, one of our elegant small trivets is useful without taking up an unnecessary amount of space on the table or countertop. This Elephant Round Trivet shown above, measures at 8.5 inches in diameter and features an exotic elephant design. It's so beautiful that you can leave it on the table or even hang it on the wall as decoration when not in use. It's perfect for jungle, Asian, or other exotic design themes. One of our larger bamboo trivets would make a great match

PK Fine Imports: Timeless Designs for Your Home

We are excited to carry Mexican pewter trivets for every style and taste. Whether you buy one trivet or one for everyone in the family, your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. If you aren't happy for any reason, we will refund the purchase price for up to 30 days after you receive your order. If you simply have questions about our products or policies, please contact us today. Thank you for visiting PK Fine Imports, your number-one source for quality Mexican pewter.