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Ice Scoops 

Pewter Spoon Small

Serving food outdoors during warm weather requires ice, both for beverages and to help keep items chilled. The point of barbecues and other outdoor gatherings is to spend time enjoying the fresh air and sunshine, so you don’t want your guests to have to go indoors every time they need ice. A Mexican pewter ice scoopfrom the collection at PK Fine Imports offers an elegant way to add ice to your favorite summer drinks. These scoops are quite useful, and they look great, too!

A Mexican pewter ice scoop:

  • Requires no polishing and will continue to look great even after a lot of use.
  • Makes a unique option for a gift for any occasion.
  • Adds a special touch to any outdoor serving table.
  • Is sophisticated enough to work well for weddings, anniversaries, and other luxurious outdoor events.

Choose a Mexican Pewter Ice Scoop to Match Your Collection

Pewter Spoon Big

The items you have in your home reflect who you are as a person. You have your own unique style and taste, which may be very uniform or an eclectic mix of items. Either way, the variety in the collection at PK Fine Imports allows you to pick out an ice scoop you love. Those who admire a little Western flare will likely be drawn to this Rope Ice Scoop, which features a unique twisted rope design.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our customer support team today. We’ll address all of your needs and ensure you’re overjoyed with your purchase.