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Napkin Toppers on Sale

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Napkin Toppers on Sale  

If you arrived here after searching for napkin weights, PK Fine Imports has you covered! In this section, you’ll not only find a number of amazing Mexican pewter napkin toppers, but you’ll get them at amazing prices.

These toppers are perfect for adding a finishing touch to a table display. You can choose a topper to match your napkin box, use it to hold down a stack of napkins without a box, or use them to decorate the table. These detailed toppers can also be used in a number of other interesting and creative ways.

napkin-box.pngOur Mexican pewter napkin weights:

  • Are created from food-safe aluminum alloy
  • Make excellent personalized gifts
  • Are handmade by talented artisans, giving them their own unique character

Mexican Pewter Initials Make a Perfect Gift

mexican-pewter-initials.pngWhether you have a birthday, a housewarming party, or a wedding coming up, our Mexican pewter initials are sure to be a cherished gift. We have a topper for every letter of the alphabet, allowing you to create initials or even spell out a full name. These work well to create a personalized gift basket complete with other items, or, you can give them as a simple and thoughtful gift. They make special little stocking stuffers, as well.

PK Fine Imports: Unique Mexican Pewterware

A beautiful gift makes a great impression, and here at PK Fine Imports, we want to make sure you end up with the right item for the occasion. If you need any help, please contact us today. We always love hearing from you!