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Napkin Boxes  

Fruits Pewter Tray

A Mexican pewter napkin holder is an essential item for any elegant outdoor affair. While serving food outdoors, you and your guests will get to enjoy plenty of fresh air and sunshine. However, there’s also the wind to contend with, and if you’re not careful, all of your napkins could go sailing off into the breeze.

These gorgeous Mexican pewter boxes solve the problem in a stylish manner. They add an organized, sophisticated touch to the table of any special occasion.

The Mexican pewter napkin boxes in the collection of PK Fine Imports:

  • Help your table display appear neat and organized.
  • Come in a variety of styles to fit with every home design or party theme.
  • Are great for everyday use on countertops.
  • Make wonderful gifts for any special occasion.
  • Can also be used to serve foods, such as casserole, salad, or layer dips.
pewter napkin boxesA Mexican Pewter Napkin Holder in the Size You Need

Many of our great designs come in different sizes, making it simple to find one to fit with your creative plans. If you love our pearl designs, you might want to pick up a napkin box in both the cocktail and everyday size. The cocktail size measures at 7.5 square inches and is great for cocktail napkins or smaller items. The everyday size is a roomy 9.25 square inches and is great for some much needed extra space. With these cute, simple boxes, the possibilities are endless.