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Ice Buckets  

If you’re hosting a barbeque, birthday party, or other special event at your home, the last thing you want is for your guests to have to trek inside to the fridge when they need a cold beverage. Whether you’re serving a party of 20 in your own backyard or enjoying some chilled champagne with family and friends in honor of the newly married couple, our Mexican pewter ice buckets provide a fun way to bring cold drinks where you need them.

Mexican pewter ice bucketThe use of ice buckets dates back to the Roman Empire, although they didn’t become commonplace in homes until the 1920s. Now, there are many varieties of ice buckets available at affordable prices, but they don’t all offer the same level of quality.

Ice Buckets: A Wide Range of Choices

An ice bucket may seem like a pretty basic purchase, but they actually come in a number of different styles, designs, and materials. You can find ice buckets made from ceramic, plastic, and acrylic, but nothing compares to the strength and beauty of one of our Mexican pewter ice buckets. Our Mexican pewter products are made using the traditional sand casting process. They will add a festive flare to your most special gatherings over the years to come.

Our Mexican pewter ice buckets are perfect for:

  • Putting out chilled wine or champagne on a fancy drink table
  • Beers, sodas, juices, milks, or other casual drinks
  • Serving oysters, shellfish, or other seafood
  • Keeping yogurt, fruit cups, or other snacks cold
  • Simply putting out ice for your guests to enjoy in their drinks

Mexican Pewter Ice Buckets: Unique and Stylish

Not only are our ice buckets very useful, but they are also one of a kind. Each is handmade by our talented team of experienced artisans and has its own unique character. Our buckets, such as the Pearl Large Ice Bucket, offer a sleek metallic appearance that goes with any kitchen design or table setting. At 20 x 14.5 inches with 8 inches of depth, it has plenty of room for ice and drinks and also features two side handles that make it easy to carry from place to place. From the contemporary to the old fashioned and rustic, this bucket will add a special flare to your gathering and remind your guests that having them over is something you cherish.

PK Fine Imports: A Dedication to the Art of Home Entertainingmexican pewter ice buckets

Here at PK Fine Imports, we understand the importance of creating memories with your loved ones around the dinner table, and we love providing high-quality Mexican pewter products that you can get plenty of use out of. From special events like weddings and birthday parties to everyday hangouts and dinners, our Mexican pewter ice buckets will become a regular fixture in your life.

If you need help with your purchase or have questions about our products, please contact us today. We will respond quickly and do everything we can to help. Thanks for visiting PK Fine Imports!