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Egg Plates  

Here at PK Fine Imports, you’ll find a wide selection of Mexican pewter egg plates. These gorgeously designed egg plates offer a stunning appearance and plenty of fun uses. Made from a durable, food-safe aluminum alloy, they will quickly become a cherished item in any home.

Our Mexican pewter egg plates:


  • Are perfect for deviled eggs, homemade chocolates, stuffed mushrooms and other hors d'oeuvres.
  • Make ideal gifts for housewarming parties and birthdays.
  • Come in a number of designs suitable for any of a multitude of themes.

Mexican Pewter Egg Plates: One of a Kind

Our egg plates, such as this lovely Pearl Two Dozen Egg Plate, are all individual pieces of art. This particular plate is 13.5 inches in diameter and has room for two dozen deviled eggs. It features a classic pearl design that can easily match a variety of styles.


Mexican Pewter Egg Plates: Functional and Decorative

Our egg plates are designed so beautifully, you can use them for decoration.

This is especially true of our Sunflower Two Dozen Egg Plate. It’s 15 inches in diameter and features an intricate sunflower shape that can easily be placed on a wall or mantle as an eye-catching piece of art. Of course, it is also a perfect piece for the table. It also makes a lovely addition to picnics and outdoor meals to be enjoyed with family and friends.

Mexican Pewter Egg Plates: Perfect for Holidays

Our Rabbit One Dozen Egg Plate is a wonderful way to treat your friends and family on Easter. At 10 inches in diameter, it has room for a dozen colored eggs, chocolate candies, or other delightful holiday treats. It also makes a great gift and will soon become a part of your Easter tradition.


PK Fine Imports: Mexican Pewterware That Is Easy to Care For

We have a wide selection of Mexican pewter items that can easily be washed with mild soap and water and require no polishing in order to maintain their shine. All of our items can be heated up to 350 degrees and chilled to keep your food cold as you serve. Browse our collection now to begin stocking up on items you’ll be happy to have in your home. If you need help while browsing our products, please contact us today.