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Butter Dishes  


Family is important, and one of the best occasions to spend quality time with your loved ones is around the dinner table. Whether you have extended family coming in from far and wide, or it’s just another night with your partner and children, you can make it something special with our fine Mexican pewter serveware from PK Fine Imports. Whether you’re going for a whole set or adding a single piece here and there, such as our Pearl Oval Butter Dish, you’ll find the perfect pieces for whatever your entertaining needs may be.


Perfect for Hot and Cold Foods

Aside from butter, jams, and hummus, our Mexican pewter butter dishes are great for serving other foods as well! Pieces like our Contemporary Butter Dish come in handy when serving everything from small snacks—such as apple slices with a dollop of peanut butter, vegetable sticks with a small cup of your prefered dressing, or crackers with cream cheese—to loaded nachos, corn on the cob, or even a hearty helping of mashed potatoes and gravy. When it comes time for dessert, our Mexican pewter butter dishes are also great for serving ice cream, pie, and cake!


The Finest Quality Available—and So Many Great Options to Choose From!

At PK Fine Imports, each of our fine Mexican pewter butter dishes are made from a lead-free aluminum alloy, and they are hand-cast and expertly polished by skilled artisans for maximum quality. While we only started out with a handful of Mexican pewter items, we’ve since expanded and we are proud to offer our customers hundreds of items to choose from.

Whether you’re going for sleek, minimalist style, or you’re interested in embracing a more unique and festive design, such as our delicately crafted Festive Butter Dish, you’ll be beyond satisfied with our selection of Mexican pewter butter dishes here at PK Fine Imports. Not only will you be able to serve your family on Mexican pewter dishes that bring pure joy to your heart, but you’ll also have a great gift idea on reserve for upcoming birthdays, weddings, or housewarming parties! With elegant Mexican pewter of the finest quality and exceptional value, you can never go wrong.

Contact Us Today!

At PK Fine Imports, we care about our customers’ experience just as much as we care about our Mexican pewter. If you have any questions about the Mexican pewter butter dishes that you can find in our inventory, tips on how to care for and clean your pewter properly, or information about our policies, feel free to contact us today!