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Bread Trays  

Are you a bread-making enthusiast? Are you looking for some elegant Mexican pewter bread trays so you have the perfect way to serve creations to your guests? Whether you’re a baker or simply a lover of trips to the bakery, a quality bread tray will add style and sophistication to your dinner table.

A Time-Honored Creation Process

All of our bread trays are handcrafted using the traditional Mexican pewter sand casting process. Beginning with a simple sketch, our artisans use clay to create the shape and design of each piece. From there, a mold is designed. Unlike mass-produced items, each of our Mexican pewter bread trays is created from its own unique mold. Therefore, each piece has its own variations that make it one of a kind.

Our bread trays are perfect for:


  • Sliced bread
  • Baguettes
  • Coffee cakes
  • Banana bread
  • Challah
  • Fougasse
  • Sourdough bread

Within our collection, you will find designs that display simple elegance, designs with textures or accents, and designs that are perfect for sophisticated table settings.


Simple Bread Trays

The Crocodile Bread Tray offers a modern design that has an air of class without a lot of frills that distract from the appearance of your bread. Another benefit of choosing this basic style is that it can easily mesh with most tabletop settings, from rustic to modern. At 16 x 6 inches, this tray is big enough to hold most varieties of bread, but you’ll be pleased to learn that we carry larger trays, as well. You’ll get plenty of use out of these simple Mexican pewter bread trays, and washing and drying are a breeze.

Accented Bread Trays

Delicately carved and polished, our accented Mexican pewter bread trays demonstrate the utmost in elegance and class. Perfect for formal table settings, they offer a timeless style that you will surely love for many years to come.

Inspired by the beauty of wine country, our Grape Racimos Uvas Bread Tray adds a heartwarming touch to your special meal.


Intricately Designed Bread Trays

If you want a bread tray that displays a lot of artistic creativity, you’ll love our Sealife Oval Bread Tray. Created from a delicately carved mold, this tray features beautiful depictions of ocean wildlife and plants. It’s ideal for a beachside wedding, seafood dinner, or family meal at home.

PK Fine Imports: Inspired Design and Quality Craftsmanship

Here at PK Fine Imports, our talented artisans take great pride in the products they create. Drawing inspiration from everything from sports to wildlife, they work carefully to create Mexican pewter bread trays and other fine products that will be cherished for a lifetime. If you have questions for us regarding Mexican pewter, how it’s created, or how to properly care for it, please contact us today using our simple online form. We are also ready to address any of your questions regarding our shipping policies and procedures. We can’t wait to hear from you!