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Whether you are the owner, manager or buyer for a gift shop, you will be glad you found pkfineimports.com. We have the Mexican pewter your customers have been looking for at remarkably low prices!

Create a wholesale account on our homepage, and once it is activated, begin filling your shop with popular and timeless Mexican pewter. Reassure your customers that the each piece of the pewterware you are carrying is unique, handcrafted, and made from a lead-free aluminum alloy which does not tarnish or need polishing!

We carry a wide assortment of bowls, trays, platters, serving pieces and utensils in classic and contemporary designs. When your customers are looking for wedding gifts, shower gifts, hostess gifts or just the right piece for their own entertaining, you will have exactly what they are looking for. We have seasonal and holiday items, as well as stylish and versatile everyday pieces.