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Football-shaped bowls make game day a lot more fun! Here at PK Fine Imports, you’ll find a wide selection of Mexican pewterware with sports themes. These finely-crafted pieces are wonderful for post-game gatherings, fundraiser dinners for your local team, or a relaxing afternoon watching the big game on television. Choose one of our large bowls if you’re inviting the whole neighborhood, or if it’s just you and a friend, stick to our Football Small Bowl.

football-small-bowl.pngOur football-shaped bowls:

  • Spruce up a snack table and get everyone excited about their favorite sport
  • Are crafted from food-safe aluminum alloy
  • Can be heated up to 350 degrees, making them ideal for keeping dishes warm in the oven
  • Require no polishing or other special cleaning procedures
  • Are designed with fun, realistic details

Create a Game-day Treat With Football-shaped Dishes

football-three-section-large-tray.pngOur Football Three Section Large Tray and other large serving dishes have plenty of room to create a special treat. Use these trays to lay out slices of deli meat, crackers, cheese, or sweet treats. You can also use it to create a delicious layered dip.

PK Fine Imports: Quality Craftsmanship and Designs You’ll Love

Here at PK Fine Imports, our talented artisans take great pride in their work. When you shop with us, you’ll never have to worry about quality. We value excellent customer service as much as our products, so please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any help. We can help you find the football-shaped dishes you need, as well as give you more information about our Mexican pewter sandcasting process. We look forward to hearing from you!