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Do you love all things earthy and natural? Are you looking for serving dishes and utensils that will add an exotic and elegant flare to your favorite meals? If so, you'll be excited to discover the leaf tray collection at PK Fine Imports. A Mexican pewter leaf tray brings the essence of the jungle and forest right into your home kitchen. As decorative as they are functional, our durable and lustrous leaf pieces are made using the traditional Mexican pewter sand casting process, which involves no lead. This means you can feel good about using them in your home or giving them to others as gifts.

A Mexican pewter leaf tray is great for:

  • Serving food at any event with an outdoor, natural, or exotic theme
  • Special meals at home with the family
  • Unique gifts for weddings, birthdays, or anniversaries
  • An eye-catching accessory to place in the garden or among potted plants in the home
  • A place to keep candies, nuts, or other small snacks
  • Interesting wall or tabletop décor

Collect a Mexican Pewter Leaf Tray of Every Variety

If you're going for a natural kitchen or dining room theme, you'll love gathering items from our leaf tray collection. Our trays are made using detailed leaf molds, creating beautiful and realistic Mexican pewter designs. From exotic banana to classic maple, you'll find a huge variety within our collection.

These items also mesh well with other styles from our Mexican pewter line, allowing you to create the exact theme you’re aiming for. For example, you can mix our Banana Leaf Large Tray with the items from our palm collection for a breezy island feel. If it’s the depths of the jungle that entice you, try adding some of our bamboo items into the mix. The possibilities are endless with our leaf tray collection!


Use a Mexican Pewter Leaf Tray in the Garden

While our trays, such as this Leaf Shaped Large Dish, are a perfect way to serve salads, rice dishes, succotash, and other delicious foods, they also have many other uses. In an outdoor garden, you can use them as a way to put out seed or nuts to attract wild birds, squirrels, or other wildlife to your home. You can use them as a base for small potted plants indoors or out. They make beautiful decorative pieces for porches or balconies as well.

PK Fine Imports: Unique Products for the Home

Serving trays and kitchenware from mainstream chain stores are a dime a dozen. Why settle for mass produced items that can be found in every other house on the block when you could have a handmade Mexican pewter leaf tray from PK Fine Imports? All of our items are handmade by talented artisans who have dedicated themselves to learning and improving their craft.

While browsing our collection, you might have questions. Customer satisfaction is very important to us, and we are ready and waiting to address any concerns you might have. Please contact us today, and thank you for visiting PK Fine Imports, your source for quality Mexican pewter.