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Valentine’s Day  

There are so many wonderful ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day, but few are as romantic as a quiet dinner at home, just you and your heart-shaped-serving-trays.pngspecial partner. Whether you’re the cook in the relationship or you’d just like to design a table setting featuring some of your favorite take out items, our heart-shaped serving trays will really complement the occasion. Along with some candles and soft music, these trays add a sweet detail to your evening.

Our heart-shaped serving trays:

  • Are made from food-safe aluminum alloy
  • Feature beautiful designs with exquisite detail
  • Are handmade by artisans and built to last
  • Work well for a variety of foods
  • Make an excellent gift for someone who loves to cook
  • Are perfect for Valentine’s Day, but also work for other special occasions, such as anniversaries, weddings, and even baby showers

Heart-shaped Serving Bowls: Perfect for Your Favorite Foods

pearl-heart-bowl.pngOur Pearl Heart Bowl has plenty of room to serve your favorite foods, such as steamed rice, chili, noodles, or even barbecued chicken. If you’re a fan of colorful fruits and veggies, you’ll love the way they look when paired with Mexican pewter. The simple designs and lustrous appearance will enhance the beauty of your food, not overpower it. On top of that, you’ll never have to worry about polishing these low-maintenance trays. Just wash with soap and a little warm water, and you’re done!

PK Fine Imports: Dedicated to You

Customer service is a priority to us, so if you need help finding the right Mexican pewter heart-shaped bowls for your romantic dinner, please contact us today!