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Fourth of July  

Independence Day is all about celebrating the birthday of our nation, which means barbeques, family fun, and fireworks. When planning a gathering, you’ll need some quality Fourth of July dinnerware. All of our products are made from 100% authentic Mexican pewter. Handmade by talented artisans, these pieces feature beautiful designs and plenty of unique character.

fourth-of-july-dinnerware.pngOur Mexican pewter Fourth of July dinnerware:

  • Is made from a food-safe aluminum alloy
  • Comes in many fun designs, some of which are neutral enough to be used year round
  • Includes napkin toppers, trays, bowls, coasters, and trivets

A Mexican Pewter Napkin Toppers for a Breezy Evening

star-square-medium-tray.pngWhen browsing for Mexican pewter Fourth of July serveware, don’t forget about napkin toppers! This convenient little topper features a patriotic American flag design that will add a fun detail to your meal. Dining outdoors is a big part of what makes the Fourth of July special, but a windy evening can easily put a damper on your fun. With our napkin toppers, your napkins will stay in place, and your guests will love the extra decorative touch.

Fourth of July Serveware for a Variety of Uses

Some of our items are great for the Fourth, but also work for other occasions, such as this cute Star Square Medium Tray. The stars are appropriate for the Fourth, but also look great as an everyday part of your table setting.

Celebrate the Fourth of July in style with the perfect touch to your dinner table. Be sure to contact PK Fine Imports if you have any questions or comments