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Fruits & Vegetables  


Whether you’re looking to spice up the collection of serveware that you use on a daily basis, or you’re preparing for a special occasion, you’ll be happy to know that we have all of your Mexican pewter needs covered at PK Fine Imports. To add the perfect touch to your meals, browse through our vast collection of fruit and vegetable themed Mexican pewterware.

Whether you are only interested in a single piece, like our Pineapple Large Bowl, or you’re hoping to mix and match for a whole set, our selection will leave you beyond satisfied. Not only will you find high-quality Mexican pewter fruit trays of all different shapes, sizes, and textures, but you’ll also find bowls, sectioned trays, handcrafted napkin toppers, and trivets. You’ll also discover an assortment of expertly designed utensils, including dip spoons, ice scoops, salad servers, and spreaders. Whatever your personal design preferences are, you’ll finally be able to create the polished look you desire.

Timeless Mexican Pewterware Is Perfect for Serving Your Favorite Foods.

Dish with small bowlMade from the finest Mexican pewter and expertly designed using the traditional sand casting process, each of the Mexican pewter fruit trays in our collection is fit for serving all of your favorite foods. Not only can our products be chilled, but they can also withstand oven temperatures up to 350 degrees.

With our Roots Large Dish with Small Bowl set in particular, you’ll have the perfect combination of a serving tray and accompanying bowl for dipping sauces. Whether you’re planning on serving apple slices with a side of caramel for a crisp afternoon snack, an appetizer of potstickers with soy sauce, or succulent crab legs with a side of dipping butter for the main course, you’ll have the perfect dish on hand!

Why Wait? Buy One of Our Fine Mexican Pewter Fruit Trays Today!

Made from a food safe aluminum alloy, our Mexican pewter fruit trays are made to last and they will never tarnish. Use them as the perfect accent for your table setting time and time again, no polishing required! For any questions you may have, feel free to contact us today!