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Do you love dragonflies? PK Fine Imports is proud to present our collection of dragonfly Mexican pewter. Much like butterflies, dragonflies speak of mystery, beauty, and elegance. They can be found in some of the world’s most exotic locations, and you can bring their magic into your home by adding one of these fine pieces of Mexican pewterware to your collection. From trays to dragonfly napkin toppers, you’ll love the detail in the design of these pieces.

dragonfly-napkin-toppers.pngOur dragonfly Mexican pewter:

  • Makes a great present for dragonfly lovers of all ages
  • Works well for themed dinners and events, such as those with jungle, tropical, or animal themes
  • Will never need polishing to maintain its beautiful shine
  • Is made from food-safe aluminum alloy that can withstand temperatures of up to 350 degrees

Create a Dragonfly-themed Table Setting with Mexican Pewterware

dragonfly-pieces.pngOur themed items allow you to create the table setting of your dreams. For special dinners, anniversaries, birthdays, or even everyday dining, the little touches make the meal so much more enjoyable. The sleek style of our dragonfly pieces allows you to mix and match them with any of our other Mexican pewterware or the dinnerware that you already own. These pieces go great with our crocodile, butterfly, and elephant items, but they also work well with our contemporary pieces.

PK Fine Imports: Unique Mexican Pewterware for the Home

Your home kitchen is a special place, so why settle for serving trays and kitchenware that isn’t up to par? The items you’ll find at department stores are all machine made and mass produced. Our collection is handmade by talented artisans, resulting in beautiful pieces that all have their own character. If you have any questions for us about our dragonfly napkin toppers or other fine Mexican pewterware, please contact us today. We love hearing from our cherished customers.