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Flowers and floral designs universally evoke feelings of beauty, life and the joys of nature. Our Mexican pewter flower trays which are delicate as well as practical, elicit all these feelings and will be sure to be cherished by all who thrive on being surrounded by flowers. We have a number of beautiful styles and varieties, from bowls and dishes, to this elegant Magnolia Oval Small Tray that features an intricate floral design. Use this graceful dish to serve delicate pastries, cookies, and fresh berries.

A Few Facts About Our Mexican Pewter Products

floral pewter trayOur   Mexican pewter flower trays

  • Are perfect for serving a romantic dinner for two.    
  • Will be an ideal wedding or anniversary gift.
  • Add a delicate touch to outdoor gatherings or springtime get togethers.

Made from a lead-free aluminum alloy and hand-crafted, each piece in our collection is one-of-a-kind and full of rich character. To serve food at its peak freshness, all of our Mexican pewter servingware can be refrigerated or safely heated in the oven up to 350 degrees.

Flowers and Romance Go Hand in Hand

Floral Pewter Tray

Do you want to surprise someone you love with breakfast in bed? Serving your thoughtful and romantic meal on our Magnolia Bread Tray is the ultimate gesture, even if you’re dressing up something as simple as toast and jam. Coffee and tea gatherings, dessert after a night at the movies, or intimate dinner all will take on an joyous feel when served on one of our beautiful flower trays. With fine Mexican pewterware from PK Fine Imports you will have just the right piece to create that feeling of beauty, life and the joy of nature.

Contact us today if we can be of any help in selecting just the right piece to create your perfect setting.