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From big holiday gatherings to your favorite everyday comfort foods, Mexican pewter rabbits make a great addition to your dinner table. Our collection includes sectioned serving trays, which are great for appetizers and dips. You’ll also find egg plates, which are perfect for Easter or other special occasions, and stylish napkin toppers, which offer a variety of fun uses. Each piece is designed with pewter-rabbits.pngan exquisite touch and features unique handmade character.

Our Mexican pewter rabbits:

  • Are made from food-safe aluminum alloy
  • Look lustrous and beautiful with no polishing or special care required
  • Have room for serving a variety of foods

The Many Fun Uses of Mexican Pewter Egg Plates

rabbit-egg-plates.pngOur rabbit egg plates are wonderful for the Easter holiday but simple enough to be used all year round. With two different sizes that allow room for one or two dozen eggs, you can serve your family or the entire neighborhood. Use them for deviled or hardboiled eggs. They’re also great for serving other miniature appetizers like stuffed mushrooms and desserts like chocolate covered strawberries.

PK Fine Imports: Handmade Mexican Pewter Rabbits

Our talented Mexican pewter artisans put their best effort into every piece they create. The result is something you’re sure to cherish. These one-of-a-kind pieces offer something you simply can’t find at department stores: a truly authentic touch.

While we put a great deal of effort into crafting perfect Mexican pewter pieces, customer service is also a priority. Our team is always excited to answer any questions you might have, so please feel free to contact us any time. Thanks for visiting!